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How To Get A Job On An Oil Drilling Rig With No Experience

  - Here are some good pointers for how to find work and get hired on an oil rig, if you haven’t worked on one before...

 - Tip 1: if you want to got job on a drilling rig and you have experience, one thing I recommend is for you talk to anybody and everybody you know who works on an oil rig, any person you can get in contact with who works (or worked) on a rig, talk to them, ask them questions, find out all you can and cozy up to them.

Buy him (or her) a beer or two !

The reason you want to do this is not only can you find out a bit of information about who is hiring or what part of the country is hiring the most.

So if you get in close to someone, they might be willing to give you a referral and that can work wonders for you to increase your chances of getting hired.

If you can have someone to vouch for you and say you are a hard worker, I know this person, is a trustworthy guy or girl, this person will really come to work and work hard, then that goes a long way with a drilling rig company and their decision to hire you.

Your chances will be better than those of people who have their application sitting with a stack of resumes most of which came from online. However, if they have one of their employees, you know like a recommendation from someone already working for the company, definitely that makes the process a whole lot easier and they are lot more likely to bring you in for an interview and offer you employment.

Also, it would be a good idea to have a professional resume and cover letter to improve your odds.

So, talk to anyone and everyone you can even though 90% of them might not want to give you
a referral, you need just that one person or maybe two people who really know you, who can
vouch for you and that can go a long way to help you get an oilrig job with no experience.

Next tip, if you go out to the patch, say you go to Pennsylvania, North Dakota or Texas, and you are
just determined on working on the rigs, making that $2,600 - $3000 a week, one thing I will recommend
is if you can’t get on a drilling rig immediately, take another job with the patch.

Find another job in that area, most of them pay better than what is paid anywhere else,
take one of those jobs in the area, put some time in, while you are working that job, be
talking to people, building your contacts up, making friends and allies and stay in the patch,
work at another job, make good money and then keep putting out applications.

Part of the reason for this is, if you are local, its looks a lot better on your application than
on your resume. You see the local number, offer your job history, if they see you are
working somewhere local that looks a lot better on your application instead of you being some guy from another state.

Also it goes back to tip number 1, the more you are in the area, the more people you will
meet and the more you will learn when job openings do come up, more likely hear about
them and more likely have someone to vouch for you.  Definitely, i know a lot of people
that go up there, they try to work on the rigs, after months, they eventually get the job on
the rig.

I almost feel like saying just stay in the area, make some good money, tough it
out, do your time, if you will just get set on getting a job on the oil rigs, eventually that
day will come, it’s a lot easier if you are already working in the area in any type of job.

I once heard someone say that having a CDL license is helpful, a lot of companies are not looking for CDL but it looks a lot better and it definitely gives you an edge.

They know that you have a CDL and if the day came when they need you to drive a big truck
for some reason, you wouldn’t have to, but if they need you to, your CDL license definitely looks
good on your resume.

If you get a CDL, kudos to you, it will help you out. 

Also, to mention other things you can get to improve your chances of getting hired,
there are a lot of certifications in training courses,
many of which are slowly becoming mandatory, things like, H2S, which has to do with
hydrogen sulphide, H2S certification, it’s a deadly poisonous gas, the training teaches
you things you would need to do if you worked near it.

I also like confined spaces training, lots of companies are
looking for that, rig pass is another one, also there’s different training you are going
to work onshore, that you may need to pass, do some research and figure out which kind of
certifications, tickets they might call up because there’s a lot out there, and if you
can find a place to go, and get them and get them done cheaply, if you already have
those, put you a step ahead of tons of people, who are coming there to come and get these jobs.

And that once again goes back to tip number 1, you talk with people, they will tell you,
hey, if you want to work in this company, you will need this, so definitely, anything
you can get and looks better on your resume, cdl, different certifications, you
definitely want to go ahead and get them.

The next tip which I might have already mentioned, is to put out some applications, I just
want to reiterate, don’t stop, you might want to say "I put out 35 applications and no one
called me...", the chances are that one of those 35 are going to call you is slim, you
can’t just put out 35 applications and sit down in the house and wait for one for those
35 to call. Put out 45, or 55, or 65, just continue to put out applications, and doing
other things, calling to follow up with the office, don’t give up, and just continue
doing that. I know personally, some guys are really close to me, or friends of other
people I knew, that’s the strategy they employed, they went searching for work on oil
rigs and said they were going to get a job no matter what, it took some time and these dudes were sleeping in the woods, in
tents, put out tons of applications, working for a temporary agency, living
any place they could, homeless shelters, renting a small room in somebody`s house and
sleeping on an air mattress, etc.

It took some time, but eventually, they got jobs on the rigs and are making
big paychecks now, so don’t give up, it just takes perseverance.

If you apply these tips it is possible to get hired on a drilling rig with absolutely no experience.

Once again, you can also get a lot of tips and inside info from this source right HERE and also HERE as well.

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